• 37% Great Britain Erin Harris - Genealogy and Freelance Marketing Specialist
  • 32% Europe West
  • 15% Ireland
  • 12% Scandinavia
  • 3% Europe East
  • <1% Iberian Peninsula

Originally from Dayton, Ohio, I’ve been a marketing professional for over 10 years working in large, international corporations in the loss prevention, industrial automation and oil and gas industries.

My education includes an Associates of Computer Information Technology and a BS of Technical Sales & Marketing. I’ve obtained three Hubspot certifications and I’m currently in the process of starting a professional genealogy researcher certification.

I’ve been interested in ancestry and genealogy research since about 2002 when I visited Calvary Cemetery and noticed a large number of grave sites with my maiden name (Weckesser). I was surprised by this since where I grew up, it wasn’t a name that anyone knew of or could spell.

I had an entire past that was completely foreign to me that I literally stumbled upon. Since my first visit to the cemetery, I have been able to locate over 40 relatives.

In 2014, I increased my time spent researching and realized that this hobby is really fun and is something that involves everyone. I find myself talking to people and they have some interest but have never thought too much about it or have the time or resources to really get into it. With that, this is where I know my career is taking me. I have the equipment, the knowledge and if it is on the internet, I’ll find it.

I’m currently residing in Denver, Colorado with my husband. I am looking to help people who want to research their past but may not know where to start, have the time or the resources or just need help.

Interesting Facts

Eligible to join the Mayflower Society and of the DAR.

I also have confirmed ancestors in the Settlers & Builders of Montgomery County, Ohio OGS and the Ohio OGS.

  • Frank Westendorf
  • Berandina (Bochlage) Westendorf
  • Joseph Klump (Sr.)
  • Catherine (Sisor) Klump
  • Frank Sisor
  • Rachel (Reger) Sisor
  • Jacob Clemens
  • Elizabeth (Reisberger) Clemens
  • Joseph A. Klump (Jr.)
  • Catherine (Clemens) Klump
  • Elizabeth (Westendorf) Weckesser
  • John Peter Weckesser (Sr.)
  • Elizabeth (Wenz) Weckesser
  • John Peter Weckesser (Jr.)