These are just a few people, businesses, and organizations that I currently work with and highly recommend to anyone looking for their type of services.


  1., France
  2. Schilz Martial Arts, Kickboxing Studio, and Yoga Wellness Center, Lafayette, CO
  3. Cantle Tech, Tampa, FL
  4. A Masters Touch Painting, Broomfield, CO
  5. Integrity Contractors, LLC – Loveland, CO
  6. Dan Liss at Magical Awakenings offers a variety of services in spiritual healing.
    Some of his services include:
    – Tarot Readings
    – Past Life Readings
    – House Blessings
    – Reiki Master, Healer & Teacher
    – Meditation with Light Drumming and Percussion
    – Tarot Party Classes in your home
    – Tarot Party Readings in your home
    – Guided Meditation & Visualization Sessions
    – Dream Interpretation
    – Numerology
    – Clairvoyance
    – Mentoring
  7. Lori Wahl is an intuitive energy healer, medium, psychic, spiritual guide, and life mentor.Lori’s intuitive healing abilities help remove negative interferences and blocks for people, homes, sites, and businesses, so they can move to their next level.