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David Letterman

Thoughts From David Letterman Inspired This Post

I used to watch Late Night with David Letterman and I always found him entertaining, funny and educational in a way that didn’t seem “over my head”. He was always articulate and insightful. It was disappointing when he retired from late night television. I was excited when I saw he had a new show on…


Another Tale of Two Cousins

A while back, I wrote a blog that outlined how I determined that my brother is related to my best friend. It wasn’t obvious at first and was quite the surprise. Now, her family tree has provided another surprise. I’m related to her as well!


2017 – A Year In Review

2017 Was a Busy but Productive Year! I don’t post much on this blog but that doesn’t mean I’m not around doing something. I did a lot professionally in the marketing and genealogy world to the benefit of many. For the marketing aspect, I’ve picked up a variety of contract projects. A Masters Touch Painting, Broomfield,…


The Grave Site of Louisa M. Trask

This blog has nothing to do with my family history but it’s an adventure that I went on while visiting Salem, Massachusetts Labor Day weekend 2015. I visited the Burying Point Cemetery in historical Salem as I’ve always been interested in the history of the area (mainly the witch trials and the complete absurdity of the…


I Am My Work, Not My Resume

Working on a special project through Facebook this morning, I came across this quote “You are not your resume, you are your work.” – Seth Godin. I’m not overly familiar with Seth Godin so I did some Googling and was impressed by his professional career as a bestselling author and marketing professional. What does this quote mean…


The Sewing Machine Adventure Part 2

It’s here!  It’s finally here! Built by the White Sewing Machine Company. Serial Number FR248434 manufactured in Cleveland, Ohio in 1909. The sewing machine arrived on July 27th in the same condition that it was in when I picked it up.  Kudos to the shipper for taking extremely good care of the machine on its trip….


The Tale of Two Cousins, 7th Cousins

This blog involves a long family history of two people who, in any normal circumstance, wouldn’t think to be related.


The Sewing Machine Adventure Part 1

Research can go well beyond a single line on a census record. If the recorder was accurate, or at least somewhat mostly accurate, you can find a lot of information beyond that single line of data.


Who Are You and Why This Family?

In 2014, I really started making some progress on my genealogy research to the point where I wanted to find anything beyond online records. I was interested in any pictures or grave locations that I could find.