Graphic Design Projects

This page contains various technical graphic design projects I completed while employed at Schneider Electric.  This is only a small portion of documents available.  More samples are available at the time of an interview.

Promotional Product Flyers Product Catalogs & Instructions Product Selection Guide
  1. Food & Beverage Industry Flyer
  2. OEM Specific Photoelectric Sensor
  1. Full Product Family Brochure
  2. Sensor Operating Instructions
  3. Hardware Setup Guide
  1. *Printed Product Selection Guide
  2. Tri-fold Product Selection Brochure

Animation Presentation

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Organizational Flip Chart

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New Product Presentation

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High School Class Reunion Class Map
High School Reunion Class Map Click to enlarge

*These documents look better in their printed form.

While at Schneider Electric, I was personally responsible for a product catalog with over 1,000 pages with numerous sections. I worked closely with product managers and the technical publications department at Schneider Electric. Most of the pages were created by the technical publications department in France. However, many updates and changes were required to make it usable in the US market. Some of these changes included adding products that are only available in the US while removing those only available in France, trademarks, imperial dimensions, safety warnings and product specification modifications.

This catalog is managed using Adobe InDesign and not available online but a hardcopy is available during an interview.

Projects that are unavailable in an online digital format but available for review during an interview include product mailers, calendar, promotional baseball cards, cross reference flip chart, digital collateral CD, software selection tool software, etc.