“Erin is a very focused and pro-active person, and always prepared. She is very detail-oriented, and precise communicating her support needs for Salesforce. As Envysion’s Salesforce Admin, Erin and I worked together on the HubSpot installation and initial configuration.

Erin took sole ownership of HubSpot, and as a very quick learner, she got certified for all relevant marketing and configuration certifications in her own time. Erin created all necessary lists, researched and combined our marketing content and materials to enhance Envysion’s marketing activities to the fullest. Besides HubSpot, she is responsible for all digital content at Envysion, including the company’s website.

She is a pleasure to work with and you can always count on her”
Marya Praxmarer, Salesforce Administrator–Envysion, Inc.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Erin for the past nearly two years. When she joined Envysion, she jumped right in to creating presentations, product sheets, press releases, case studies and other content that has been extremely helpful in our pursuit of new business. She has an incredibly positive attitude and there never seems to be a job too big for her to take on. Erin is motivated, adaptable, focused on performance, and is an absolute delight to work with.”
Dawn Lampert, Account Director–Envysion, Inc.

“I had the pleasure of working with Erin at Envysion, where she managed all of our digital marketing and design, including the blog. Erin has very strong attention to detail and project management skills. She is a very fast learner that easily understand technical software and processes. Erin was a critical part of our transition effort from Eloqua to Hubspot, and it’s success was in large part due to her efforts. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Erin again in the future.”
Allison Sterling, Direct of Demand Generation, Envysion, Inc.

“Erin is an absolute pleasure to work with. The reason I absolutely cherish working with her is that her work (marketing research, collateral, etc) represents a thorough understanding of the task, clearly communicates the value proposition, and is usually above and beyond the original ask.

Erin has brought value and joy to the cross-functional team that she has had the opportunity to work with.”
Zain Master, Product Management, Envysion, Inc.

“Erin contributed greatly to the Global Marketing Team while at Quest Integrity Group and was always on point with managing deadlines and tasks. Erin took on many different marketing projects including tradeshow coordination and communications, website updates, managing promotional items, collateral development, social media and the monthly development and distribution of the internal newsletter. She is a hard worker and a quick learner and I enjoyed working with her.”
Lilly Darnell, Marketing Manager–Quest Integrity Group

“Erin is a pleasure to work with. She’s self-motivated and detail-oriented. She learns quickly—when asked to help with technical documentation in addition to her marketing tasks, she taught herself the software and delivered a quality product. She performs well under stress and helps keep the team on track. She’s patient with others and works to meet the needs of everyone on the team. She responds quickly to requests while at the same time staying focused on the top priority projects. She can juggle many projects at once while still delivering high-quality results.”
Andrea Wenger, Sr. Technical Writer-Schneider Electric

“Erin is a wonderfully task oriented person. As a marketing specialist, she completed a wide variety of activities pertaining to a number of different types of projects including sales, trade show coordination and graphic design. She always finishes projects on time and is eager to start the next activity.”
Devon Brendecke, Manager, Advanced Engineering–Quest Integrity Group

“Erin is a pleasure to work with. She is very responsive and productive…consistently accomplishing a great deal in a short amount of time. She is very willing to learn and offer new ideas for old problems. On a personal note, she has a positive outlook and is quick to laugh or smile.”
Rick Park, Human Resources Manager–Quest Integrity Group

“It was a real pleasure to work with Erin at Schneider Electric. She and I worked cooperatively on executing several trade shows and other marketing events for our customers and distributors. I could always count on Erin to be professional, efficient and on-task and to deliver to expectations in a timely manner. I would jump at the chance to work with Erin again in the future if the opportunity presented itself.”
W. Jarrett Campbell, Senior Marketing Manager, Global Alliances–Schneider Electric

“I worked with Erin on a number of occasions at Schneider Electric while I was coordinator of Schneider’s “A&C Express” national distributor events. Erin often participated as a presenter and proved herself a very knowledgeable and approachable promoter of Schneider Electric’s electronic sensor product lines. I often called on Erin when I needed product marketing updates or other information and always found her to be very helpful and quick to respond. She was great to work with!”
James (Freddy) Jones, Manager of Oil & Gas Offer Development–Schneider Electric

“Erin was a major contributor to the product marketing team. She consistently finished projects early, complete, and anticipated questions/problems along the way. While working in product marketing, I enjoyed teaming with Erin on several pieces of literature (including a 1000+ page US Sensor Catalog), training, and demo equipment. She brought a high level of professionalism to each and every project. She will be sorely missed.”
Chris Heberlein, Channel Development Manager–Schneider Electric

“Erin is a very skilled and talented person who has a great work ethic and excels at all she does. She is highly efficient and is a great multi-tasker. I have always relied on Erin, as she is a “get it done and get it done right” kind of person, who requires little management oversight. Give her a goal and she delivers with excellence. I highly recommend Erin for any position she would like to apply for, as she is one of those rare people who are an asset to the organization and always delivers.”
Pam Dolce-Nevin, Senior Sales Executive–Schneider Electric