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Lexington Square D Plant and the SCC Successfully Installs OsiTrack RFID Components in an Automated Paint Line.

On February 28, 2008, the Lexington plant implemented a power and free (P&F) conveyer system utilizing Schneider Electric’s OsiTrack RFID system.  Power and Free is an industry term for a conveyer system that consists of free wheeling trolleys and conveyer chain.

This was an example of the systems integrator, Therma Tron-X, working closely with the Sensor Competency Center, Lexington’s Automation Engineering Department and Schneider’s distributor, Crescent Electric.

The purpose of adding an OsiTrack RFID tracking system was to have better control of load center and safety switch components as they moved through the fabrication, paint and assembly processes.  The RFID system serves the purpose of programming an automated carrier with information regarding what product it is carrying, where it needs to go and what paint recipe needs to be performed on the part.

The P & F system was designed by Therma Tron-X to carry the palletized components from process to process.  Previously, the components were palletized by hand and manually transported using forklifts.

The P&F system was created using all Schneider products such as; Quantum, HMI, various power supplies and sensing products such as OsiTrack RFID and Telemecanique photoelectric sensors.

The successful installation of the OsiTrack RFID system, sensors, and other Schneider Electric components is a great example of an automation solution that is provided to our customers every day.  Implementation of this project was possible with the help of our distribution channel, system integrators and the expertise of the Sensor Competency Center.

“ Ositrack’s performance has been great.  It installed easily with our Quantum / NOE overhead and through the use of the IO Scanner feature, we eliminated a substantial amount of PLC code needed to handle tag-read communications.  With nearly 60 read stations and over 850 tags, this has been a major factor in controlling complexity of a system of this size.” –Mike Labhart, Automation & Control Engineering Supervisor at Lexington.

“We’ve been very impressed with the Transparent-Ready components of our system.  We rely heavily on the managed and unmanaged Ethernet switches to provide data transfer with the HMIs, RFID and among the Quantums in the eight conveyor zones.  They’ve been extremely robust and reliable.  The ConneXview software has been an invaluable tool for managing the network.” –Michael Sturgill, Staff Electrical Engineer in Lexington’s Automation & Control Engineering group.

For further information regarding Ositrack RFID components and other Telemecanique or Hyde Park sensing products, technical support is available from the SCC 24/7 by calling 800-435-2121 or by visiting the SCC’s microsite,